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Camping Tips -
Invaluable Stuff I've Learnt

Camping Tip No. 1
Join the Camping and Caravanning Club

Joining the CACC was one of the first things we did when we started camping and we've never regretted it despite the fact that, for one reason or another, we've seldom stayed at a Club Site. The membership fee of 33 pounds is worth it alone for the Big Sites Book and the Carefree Holidays book you receive every year.

The Big Sites Book features just about every single campsite in the UK so is an invaluable research tool when you're searching for a campsite at home.

The Carefree Holidays brochure features campsites throughout Europe that, although not owned by the club, have been checked that they reach their high standards. Visit the My Reviews page to see several we have visited.

Add to this the friendly and efficient telephone booking service and online reservations and it's unbeatable. Their campsites in the UK are of course to a very high standard.

Click here to visit the Camping and Caravanning Club web site.

Camping Tip No. 2
Buy quality sleeping bags

The first time we camped in the UK we brought an air bed and a continental quilt thinking this would be adequate in the middle of British summer time. Big mistake. We froze our nuts off.

You MUST buy fairly decent quality 3 season bags - they needn't cost the earth and you'll get your money's worth out of them. Mine are 'mummy' shaped which have the added benefit of squashing down fairly small into their stuff sacks - an added benefit when packing your car.

Camping Tip No. 3
Get a fridge

When you first start camping you'll no doubt bring a cool box and some ice packs which are great for a weekend but get to be a bit of hassle on longer breaks. Many camp sites have a freezing service (write your name on your pack so someone else doesn't walk off with it) but you'll need a load of packs if you want to keep your cool box permanently chilled.

Plus, if you go camping to sunnier climes, you'll realise that ice packs just don't cut it when it comes to making your beer ice cold! Remember, a beer or chilled rosé in a bar in France is quite expensive - but it's dirt cheap in a supermarche when you chill it yourself.

So, my advice is, after a couple of camping trips and when you're convinced it's the camping life for you, invest in a camping fridge that works on mains electricity, cylinder gas and your car's 12V cigarette lighter (fantastic for keeping drinks and snacks chilled on a long journey - just remember to unplug it when you stop).

The cost is about £150 but consider the money you'll save by buying your drinks from a supermarket instead of a bar!