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Campsite Review -
Westermill Farm

Westermill Farm, Exford, Exmoor, Somerset TA24 7NJ
T: 01643 831238 W: www.exmoorcamping.co.uk
Site visited: 2005 & 2006
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Westermill Farm is a working hill farm set in a valley beside the River Exe in the heart of Exmoor National Park, on the north coast of Somerset and Devon.

It's a very quiet location and I've been there with the family and also for a lads' weekend shooting deer (with a camera, not a rifle). There are 4 fields for camping, all beside the river, the last field allows camp fires but is the furthest from the toilets etc. The river is shallow enough to paddle in and the kids had fun walking along it. I beleive you can fish in it but I didn't see many fish.

There are two toilet blocks, the ones nearest the farm are the nicest. The showers run off solar power and you'd be forgiven for being a bit dubious about the heat and power but I always found them great. Alas, Mrs Archie always seemed to get a cold one.

There's a small shop in one of the farm outbuildings that sells all the basics plus some of the farm's own top quality beef, lamb and pork including burgers and sausages. Mmmm.

The campsite is about as close to the centre of Exmoor as you can get, so everywhere is close to hand. You can set off from the campsite and just start walking - dogs are welcome. Exford is just a short drive down the road (probably too far to walk for a quick pint) and has some decent pubs and restaurants.

So, If you're looking for a peaceful campsite in one of England's beautiful national parks, Westermill Farm is great.

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LiL H@zza says:

This campsite is one of my favourites because there is a river in it and my brother, my next door neighbour and his cousin and I walked up and down it. It is not a very big campsite but with a big field near it good for playing football and chasing animals but don't get too close! (DO NOT chase animals! - Archie)